Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Arowana Droop-Eye Syndrome

Arowana fish generally tend to urge a tangle referred to as droop-eye syndrome particularly when kept in an aquarium. Many alternative folks have varying ideas and solutions to the current drawback however here i'll share a number of could own experiences when addressing this issue and hopefully clear up a number of myths surrounding the matter.

Droop-eye syndrome in an Arowana is when one or each of your fishes eyeballs are continuously tilting downwards. It always solely happens in one eye with the opposite eye remaining traditional. It may be a minor drawback where the eyeball is barely slightly tilted downwards or it may be terribly extreme where the eyeball is completely tilted downwards and also the prime of the eyeball is exposed. As I said several Arowana specialists are still debating the causes of droop-eye and also the solutions to the matter. The causes the specialists have highlighted are to try and do with genetics, diet or the atmosphere of the Arowana thus here i'll offer my theory on these 3 topics.


This point would terribly arduous to prove whether or not its right or wrong. every Arowana like humans are born completely different. All of them have completely different actions and characteristics however whether or not the droop-eye drawback is genetic or passed on genetically its arduous to mention. An Arowana may be a naturally nosy fish, that is often on the lookout for food. Its continuously watching and moving its eyes round the tank in search of prey. It'd be logical to mention that perhaps the attention muscles wear over time inflicting the matter.


Some Arowana specialists believe that diet is that the drawback for the droop-eye. Tests are done on fish with droop-eye and deposits of fat are found behind the matter eye. This in flip has lead folks to believe that feeding your Arowana on fatty live baits is also a contributing issue to the matter. However once more this is often solely a theory and it's still being looked into.


Arowana in its natural freshwater atmosphere don't seem to be known or believed to possess droop-eye issues. This has lead some specialists to believe that the matter is also the results of the fishes aquarium atmosphere. Arowana are sometimes kept in empty tanks for simple care and maintenance. Experts believe that the Arowana can be watching his own reflection from the lowest of the tank. With the Arowana consistently trying down on this own reflection it's highly probable that droop-eye would eventually occur.

Specialists are still acting on and researching the issues and hopefully they're going to notice the causes of this problem within the close to future.